Property Clicker

We are committed to delivering the best Property Management System in Pakistan. We can help you to get better results & improve efficiency by using different modules.

Property Clicker is an affordable, professional rental property management software that increases income, improves efficiency, and fills vacancies faster contains multiple features to provide ease.

  1. Grow your sales with the right CRM software ,which will help you generate more leads then ever. Property management is designed for your needs.
  2. Our technical support team is available round the clock to ensure 24/ 7 coverage and accessibility to our services.
  3. We offer a 7-day free trial to familiarize our valued clients with Property management software to enable them to understand all features of our software.
  4. Property Clicker provides client need and demand specific customized features. Along with already developed features, we also create additional features for our clients, if needed

What we offered?

In property clicker there are some unique modules for the uses and these are:

  1. Department Registration
  2. User Registration
  3. Leave Management
  4. Payroll Generation
  5. Finance Module
  6. Projects Management
  7. Inventory Management
  8. Agencies & Agents Suite
  9. CRM (Leads Management)
  10. Recovery Management
  11. Customer Registration
  12. Installment Management
  13. Transfer
  14. Security (Bio Metric)
  15. Reporting
  16. Role based access
  17. Emails, SMS notifications

Why Property Clicker?

why people choose property clicker? property clicker is beneficial for business solutions and developed some advanced features for the business holders these are:

  1. Smart Record
  2. Smart Analysis
  3. Smart Alert Manager
  4. Optimize Productivity
  5. Secure Repository
  6. Smart User Management
  7. Highly Resilient
  8. Smart Access 24/7
User Friendly

Productivity and efficiency of the Property management system are fostered through automation, which makes the software easy to use and makes the User Experience worth using.

Data Security

The Cloud-Based Property system directs all incoming routes of data, authenticates & reduces data violations, keeps track of all the data and secures data.

24/7 Support

Our technical support team is available round the clock to ensure 24/ 7 coverage and accessibility to our services.

Backup & Recovery

The trustworthy data storage, backup and recovery services in the specifically allocated other archiving spaces ensures prevention of data loss.

Product Manuals

Property Management System typically includes user registration and departments Management, leads, Reports, Security, payroll.

Custom Reports

This phase breaks down into small parts like developing workflow against iteration, building prototypes, customer evaluation & implement the changes of feedback.

Customization Methodology

Requirement Gathering:

During this stage developers, customers and team
members identifying the need, defining the requirement of the product & finalizing
the requirement of the client by approval.

Design & Analysis:

In designing phase team identify the modules, define iterative and
do product planning. Through this process both the team & client learn from the
practice there is nothing missing in the scope.

Development & Testing:

This phase break down in to small parts like developed
workflow against iteration, build prototypes, customer evaluation & implement the
changes of feedback that can resolve complications if arise.

Integration & Deployment:

After the development, modules are integrated with each
other’s. Meanwhile clients continue to look for bugs in the system.

Support & Maintenance:

When product is fully operational then it goes into
maintenance stage. Support and maintenance includes upgrades with time to time,
repairs and fix the issues of the software.

Property clicker dashboard

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