Powerful Features

Housing Society Management System

Housing Society Management System offers you a hassle-free web-based management tool to transform your society, making it highly functional and easily manageable.

  • Residents Constantly Updated with Latest Community Information and also Make the Best of Neighbourhood Facilities.
  • It has also higher Collection with Integrated Payment Gateway with Immediate Assurance with Instant Payment Receipts
  • The customizable alert software sends email reminders and text and IM messages, and it will improve the care of patients.
  • Community/Private Staff Attendance Management and also it has Contactless Entry
User Friendly

Productivity and efficiency of the Housing society management system are fostered through automation, which makes the software easy to use.

Automated Emergency Alert

Digital transformation of everyday operations for your housing society management system.

Backup & Recovery

The trustworthy data storage, backup and recovery services in the specifically allocated other archiving spaces ensures prevention of data loss and prompt data recovery.

Data Security

The Cloud-Based housing society management system directs all incoming routes of data, and authenticates & reduces data violations.

Management System

Housing Society Management System

We are committed to delivering the best Housing Society Management System in Pakistan. We can help you to get better results & improve efficiency by using these modules

Biometric Registration and Transfer
Biometric Registration and Transfer of houses and plots which are easily accessible.
Land Acquisition & Procurement
Designed to manage vital information for the land and procurement
Map & Hierarchical Structure
Designing the map and structure of the house full information will be available in our database.
Clients/Member Management
Automates the financial processes associated with paying employees. It tracks time worked, calculates paychecks, and monitors taxes.
Plot Inventory Management
All the information on available plots should be available in our database.
Files Management
This feature is helping to manage file management integrated with APIs.
Plot Ownership Transfer, Merger & Management
To manage the inventory of data and regalities ok transfer of ownershp.
Agents Sales Commission Management
Commission management is also integrated with our software system.
Payment Advance Partial
there is a payment method integrated in our system which manages commission and salary.
Inventory Management
The feature is responsible for inventory management.
Balloting Management
The Balloting management feature is tracking Ballots data.
Automate lease administration
This portal is able to Automate lease administrative services.
Multiple properties/ inventory
Gain complete visibility over existing and upcoming inventory .
Real time plot Locations
Our database will contain real-time plot location of your plots.
Contractors & Service
We will also maintain data regarding contractors and their services.
Manage advance bookings
Manage advance booking and inventory control.
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